Finally Letting the World Know Their Plans

Finally Letting the World Know Their Plans

Every now and then, I take the chance of asking big stars what their secret is to keep up with their skinny figure. Below are their answers.

Big star, Jennifer Garner said “Lie to yourself. Tell yourself get on that treadmill and make yourself believe that it will only take you 10 minutes to do it. Trust me, once you start walking and feel the sweat you will feel good and find yourself doing it longer than expected. You won’t even notice that the 10 minutes you told yourself has already passed. It’s always a matter of getting started.”

Brenda Strong, one of the casts of “Dallas” said, “I just bought a puppy and comes with me every time I walk in the trail and film. In fact, during the break, while filming, I normally take a nap. But since the time I had my puppy, I make it a point that I take her out and have a walk for about two hours. This makes me sweat and finds my skin looking gorgeous. This just makes me feel better every time.”

Another star of “Dallas”, Linda Grey said “I make it a point that I bring with me my portable Magic Bullet mixer to prepare my own food instead of buying elsewhere. I always put it in mind to only eat food that I prepare. This I would say is the best advice I can give to everyone with a job where food is just everywhere. Tell yourself, that you can always make delicious, healthy and sweet fruit and an almond milkshake.” She even added “If you prepare your own shake you are sure to yourself that you have something healthy and sweet that can get you going for the whole day. This will not tempt you when chocolate chip snacks are offered to you and stop yourself from going anywhere near there.”

Dolly Parton, on a different hand, answered “I keep myself starving to maintain my skinny figure. I noticed that when I was in my middle age I gained weight and that made me tell myself I can’t afford to still eat like a country girl and gain more weight. I still prepare mean chicken with dumpling. Even if I starve to maintain my figure, I still have a cheat day. But that doesn’t mean I eat a while piece of the pie. But If I do, I make it sure to get right back on track the following day.”

Also, as per Allison Janney, “Diets are things that I do in the past. You will eventually get to an age where you just don’t want to go on a diet. I eat to live. But before I take in anything I ask myself ‘Is this going to be beneficial for me?’It may seem like a simple question but it makes me avoid craving for junk and processed food. Before you take a bite of anything, try to assess if it is good for you. I am not quite sure if it will work for you but it does for me.”

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